Biro, a new play written by Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine, is
at its core a story of survival that journeys across
the landscapes of Uganda, Cuba and America. The play
begins in a Texas prison with Biro, the title character
pleading for assistance from an immigration lawyer.
Through the use of projected still photographs from the
1900ís to present, we see and hear how a young boy from
a war torn country, Uganda, becomes a man. After
successfully taking up arms in the liberation struggle for
his country, Biro finds himself at the front lines of a
global war with a new plague - AIDS. He is diagnosed
HIV positive in 1986, a time when "everyone was
grabbed with hysteria", and medication and sympathy
were unavailable. We learn of the toll the epidemic takes
on his family and friends, and come to understand the
difficult choices he makes that eventually lead to his
incarceration in America. Ultimately, what we discover is
a man who in the face of adversity "will do anything to
survive...even if it means going to hell. Iíll do it to survive
then move on."
 p r e s s  e v e n t s   f i l m     h o m e  
a d v o c a c y c o n t a c t  a r t i s t     p l a y    p h o t o g r a p h y