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...I am hoping that uh

That you will hear me

Hear me from my heart

Thatís all I ask

My expectations have otherwise been crushed completely

Immigration has been holding my hands for the past two years

I am under their cuffs and I canít break loose

I am worried now that they will just send me back to Uganda

As happy as I would be to see my son to see everybody

I would rather be here struggling than go back to Uganda and see my son languishing

I would rather go to hell for my son

I can do any job for him

I donít even mind going to a graveyard and digging ditches

But when you take my graveyard away as immigration has then I have nothing left...

 p r e s s  e v e n t s   f i l m     h o m e  
a d v o c a c y c o n t a c t  a r t i s t     p l a y    p h o t o g r a p h y