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Some people find solitude comforting
I am an outgoing person
I am not somebody who sits here without activity
I need action
I need something to do
Something must go on otherwise you are going to die a sad man
Nothing can cripple a person like loneliness
That's when the devil is busy working on you
That's when he tells you maybe if you drank a little bit more you would be okay
Then you’re drunk
Your temporary worries become less
You want to venture
That's when you’re looking for trouble
Alcohol has always been a part of my life
For better or for worse
I have no excuse for alcohol
It gives you false confidence in what you actually are and capable of handling
I still love it
What do I do
I don't feel I'm
I mean alcoholic is
I feel it's something you can't do without
I can do without alcohol
But it's what makes me happy...

 p r e s s  e v e n t s   f i l m     h o m e  
a d v o c a c y c o n t a c t  a r t i s t     p l a y    p h o t o g r a p h y